Who can use OME?

Businesses, industries, farms, ranches, government agencies, schools, congregations, and other organizations and institutions can all save resources and money by using the OME.

I’m not a member of an organization, can I still post items to the exchange?

Currently, the OME is not intended for use by individuals, however, individuals are free to contact any of the parties that have posted listings. 

What kinds of materials cannot be posted to the exchange?

The Ozarks Materials Exchange does not allow listings for

  • Live animals
  • Household items
  • Illegal goods
  • Services
  • Firearms

OME users assume full responsibility for knowing the legal limitations, restrictions, and regulations that may exist on the exchange of any listed materials.  

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What is the cost to post items to the exchange?

The OME is a not-for-profit service.  Listings are FREE and no finder’s or subscription fees are charged. 

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Once I create a listing on the Ozarks Materials Exchange, how long will it be posted?

The listings will remain active for 1 year or until the poster deletes the item or reports a successful exchange.

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Does the Ozarks Materials Exchange assist in obtaining and transporting the materials listed?

No.  Any transactions and travel arrangements are the sole responsibility of the exchange participants.  OME staff do not take possession or handle materials under any circumstances. 

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Is the Ozarks Materials Exchange limited to the Southwest Missouri Area?

While the Materials Exchange is open to users from any state, we ask that users posting materials be located no more than 100 miles of Springfield, MO. 

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How do I change my contact information or remove myself from the OME database?

  • To change your contact information, click the My Account link at top of page (upper right corner). You will be able to Edit your information at any time.
  • To delete your account, send email to info@greenozarks.org to request removal.

How do I browse listings?

To search the OME, click the “Browse Listings” link located at the top of the navigation menu bar of any page.  Once you find the material that you are looking for, use the contact information to contact the listing party directly and make arrangements to conduct a successful exchange.  All negotiations involving transportation are conducted between the two parties.  You must register with OME to view the contact information. 

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How do I post listings?

To post a listing on the OME, click the “Post a Listing” link located at the top of the page.  New Users should register with OME by filling out the free registration form.  Listings will not be accepted without complete contact information, including name, email, address, and phone number.  The OME does not give this information to third parties, but a user’s name, phone number, or email are made available on our website to other OME registered parties in order to facilitate contact between exchanging parties.   

After you have completed the information for your item, you may upload an image to supplement the description.  All images have a maximum size of (…?…) and must be in a .jpg, .gif, or .png file format.  Potential listings are reviewed by the OME administrator prior to posting.  Browsers interested in your listing will contact you directly and make arrangements to conduct a successful exchange. 

Please review our description of Acceptable Listings for more information about our policies on posting a link. 

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Why is it important for OME to know when I have made a successful exchange?

There is no charge to users for the OME service. However, in exchange for using the OME, we request that you make one commitment.  Please take the time to report your successful exchanges.  One of the most critical ways to measure the impact of the OME is by tracking the number of successful exchanges that take place.  By documenting exchanges, we can better evaluate the cost effectiveness and environmental improvements of the program.   

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Is the OME mailing list ever released for commercial use?

No.  Our user information is never released for commercial purposes, however, you may select to have your contact information added to the Partnership for Sustainability (P4S) email list serv.  By doing so, you will receive the P4S quarterly Sustainability Digest and a limited amount of emails regarding new opportunities with the P4S. 

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Can I charge for the materials I’m posting?

We encourage users to keep the cost minimal in order to promote a successful exchange.  Any financial requests may only be up to 20% of the original cost of the item. 

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